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Iron Orchid Designs IOD

IOD Trimmings 3 Moulds by Iron Orchid Designs

IOD Trimmings 3 Moulds by Iron Orchid Designs

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Introducing SIX unique, antique-inspired trim elements that feature beautiful curves, graceful lines, and natural elements.

Unique to the Trimmings 3 Mould, we created each design to seamlessly connect between castings. We’ve also started adding measurement marks to all our moulds. There are several ways you can use them – with resin or in sugar arts… but also with clay!

These new IOD Trimmings 3 Decor Moulds are designed to work well with both Air Dry Clay and resin. The ends of the channels are shaped to merge with the additional castings you produce! It doesn't stop there! Each channel states the volume needed to fill it, which really helps you know just how much resin is needed.

How do I make connections with IOD Trimmings 3 Moulds?

What medium can I use with IOD Moulds?

We like IOD Air Dry Clay best, but you can also use resin, polymer clay, cookie dough, fondant, chocolate… just don’t use the same set of molds for both food and crafts because no one likes clay in their cookies 😝.

How do I use IOD Moulds?

If this is your first time using IOD Molds, please check out this post for all the basics.



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