Birdhouse Q & A

How long will the birdhouse last outside?

If hung in a protected outdoor area, such as under a porch roof, the birdhouses will last for years. If placed in direct sun, colors will begin to gently fade over 2-3 months, but they will retain their shape for more than a year in fully exposed weather.

How do I clean it?

Open the handy clean-out hole in the base to remove old twigs and nesting materials. If the outside becomes soiled, a good brushing usually is all that's needed. Do not put into a washing machine or dryer.

Are the materials sustainable?

They are made with sustainable materials including natural sheep's wool, a crocheted jute hanging cord and a hand-carved bamboo perch. All work is done by hand.

What makes it 'Fair Trade'?

The birdhouses are made by artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal, and are paid a fair wage and work in clean, safe, and environmentally-responsible workplaces that meets international social compliance standards. Management promotes the development of skills and abilities of the artisans, most of whom are women. dZi is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.