Wise Owl Paint Tips

Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer is available in Clear and White, in Quarts and Gallons. It will effectively block tannins AND it is an amazing bonding primer. Coverage per quart: approximately 160 square feet.

  1. Apply 2 coats Wait 4-6 hours between coats of primer. This dry time is what seals in those stains and tannins.
  2. After painting, wait 24 hours to apply top coat If you are painting a light color, we recommend using the white primer.
  • If you are painting a dark color, OR if you plan on distressing, use the clear primer.
  • Priming is especially important if you are painting anything white that is a Depression era piece!
  • Woods that are notorious for bleeding are Mahogany and Cherry.
  • Clean well and always use our stain eliminating primer before painting these. 
  • It is recommended to prime with Wise Owl Primer before using the One Hour Enamel for extreme adhesion of the paint to surfaces. This increases durability and longevity. Cabinets, tile, and floors should ALWAYS be primed without exception.
  • If spraying, may thin primer with water if needed but not more than 10%