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IOD Floral Anthology Transfer by Iron Orchid Designs

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The 2021 April release of IOD stamps will be available for purchase starting in mid-May from Nest Gifts RVA, approved IOD stockists. Be sure to sign up for our email list so you're notified as soon as the new products are in stock!

The IOD Floral Anthology Transfer was specially made to complement both dark and light paint colors. You have the absolute freedom to create just the look you want, whether you only paint with white or it’s “the more colors the better.” The design versatility of this transfer makes it effortless to match your existing interior design style.

Every IOD transfer comes with a specially designed tool to rub on the image as well as directions for how to apply it.

Gridlines are printed on the transfer backing so you can confidently position the design exactly where you want it. The backing can also be used to burnish the transfer after it’s rubbed on to ensure long-lasting adhesion.