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Iron Orchid Designs IOD

IOD Erasable Liquid Chalk 5 Pack

IOD Erasable Liquid Chalk 5 Pack

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A new 5 pack of Erasable Liquid Chalk ELC! This new pack contains three primary colors, red, yellow, blue, plus black and white so you can mix whatever color you want; you can make your own rainbow!

More than just chalkboards, IOD Erasable Liquid Chalk can be used on any non-porous surface. The possibilities are endless – storefront glass, vintage windows, laminate wood flooring, vinyl, mirrors, and more! Now add colors to the mix and it’s PLAYTIME.

Erasable Liquid Chalk is an erasable medium intended to use on erasable (non-porous) surfaces with IOD Decor Stamps. ELC is pigment-rich, a little goes a very long way. We recommend applying the ELC with a brayer in a thin even amount onto the stamps. ELC Has a generous open time suitable for stamping. Drying time varies depending on the conditions and application. Separation of inks is normal; please shake the bottle thoroughly.

Note: The new ELC is a NEW FORMULA. Do not mix the new ELC with the original ELC.



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