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IOD Sunflowers Moulds by Iron Orchid Designs

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These new IOD Sunflower Moulds are designed to work well with both Air Dry Clay and resin. Each section states the volume needed to fill it, which really helps you know just how much resin you need to prepare!

You won’t believe all the details in the new IOD Sunflowers Mould! Individual petals that look like they’re fluttering in the wind, waiting-to-bloom buds, and all the rough-edged leaves… even a blossom that looks like it’s turning its face to catch a few more rays of sunshine. These 6x10 inch moulds are made of food-grade silicone, which means it's a great sunflower mold for fondant, chocolate (candy melts), sugar paste, pie crust, and cookie dough. (Just don’t use the same mold for food and craft materials.)