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One Hour Enamel

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Ideal for Cabinets and Front doors!

ONE HOUR ENAMEL is an incredibly tough fast dry acrylic enamel for interior and exterior use on surfaces that require a quick return to service. It is water thinned so it poses no fire hazard or objectionable odor. Perfect for

  • Kitchen & bath cabinets
  • Interior and exterior doors
  • Tile
  • Trim
  • Counter-tops
  • Concrete
  • Furniture

The product is based on a specialized acrylic resin that dries quickly to a tough, durable film that has excellent weather, blocking, and abrasion resistance along with superior adhesion properties. Its technology utilizes one of the strongest acrylic resins paired with superior synthetic pigments. A quart (32 oz.) covers approximately 160 square feet.

Use our Stain Eliminating Primer to strengthen adhesion on slippery surfaces.